Packaging. We love it.

CAN IT is a Sydney based mobile canning service operating statewide and beyond. We are owner operated, meaning you’ll be dealing direct with one of the four owners each time we can your tasty beverage. Each of the team bring something different to the table

Meet the Can it crew!


Our priority is making the canning run as easy and efficiently as possible. Travelling to site in our custom trailer, we will roll out the below equipment:

Alpha Beer Cannon

- Dual lane, four filler heads

- Capable of running 40 cans per minute

- Auto reject station for under fills

- Low DO pickup

Inline Label Applicator

- Labeling onsite, ensuring cans remain clean and sanitized from the supplier.  

Adjustable height with a variety of size/finish options

Inline Paktech Applicator

- Paktech automatically applied before the cans reach your packoff staff. This effectively saves one staff member on packoff! 

Automatic Depal

- Allowing simple can input

Built in date coder, allowing four lines (three is preferred) to be shot on the dome of the can.

Spray/sanitizing optional

Testing Equipment

- DO Meter, ensuring your product is safely packaged

Seam Tester

- Hygiene Tester

‘The Mothership’

- Compressor/Dryer for rinsing cans post fill

- Electrical station, requiring a 32A 3 Phase supply to power everything we need.




Cans (Silver, White or Black)
-  Labels


Applied inline at the brewery
Matte/Gloss options
- Range of sizing options
Design assistance if required
Sleeve/shrink option
Custom Event Labels

Quality Control

Hygiene Testing
CIP, Costic clean through the system
- Seam Testing
Reject Station (Machine rejects underfilled cans)
DO Testing 

  • “These guys are awesome to deal with. No issues, stress free and a heap of canned beer at the end!”
    Mark Lyons
    Rusty Penny Brewing
  • “Can it’s professionalism, cleanliness, efficiency,
    and organisational skills are superb.”
    Jared R Stewart
    Head Brewer, Sydney Rocks Brewing Co.

About Us

Our combined talents and experience (plus love of beer) drove us to form CAN IT in 2019. Meet the CAN IT crew!


Coming from an engineering background, Mat’s interest lie not only the craft beer/beverage taste and experience but also the machinery and systems involved in packaging products into cans.

Over 15 years of manufacturing in the transport industry gives CAN IT the ability to fabricate our own custom solutions to suit our needs.

Keen to try pretty much all drinks that are put in front of him, favourite beer styles at the moment are west coast IPA and red ales. . 


The idea's man of the group, Matt is always thinking of the next concept or opportunity for improvement within our business.

Matt has over 15 years of experience in management roles in several industries, which has led to strong strategic business, accounting and contracts knowledge. As such, a large portion of Matt's role is based around our estimation, quoting, accounting and business systems.

As an avid beer enthusiast, he is always looking for new styles and drinks everything from a Hefeweizen to a Lager.


Jarrod has a background in refrigeration and air conditioning.

His nutty professor style home brewery cements his obsession with beer and everything around it.

You’ll find Jarrod at every canning run. Be careful talking about brewing near him, he will chew your ear off! 

Fav beer style would be double NEIPA’s and barrel aged stouts
Mat – 0405 119 172
Jarrod – 0431 400 684